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Refinance My Mortgage / Creative Financing Options
Since its inception in 2000, Homeowners Advocacy Group has worked hard to establish strong relations with some of the finest Chicago Area mortgage brokers and private lenders. Our relationship with local lenders, along with our experience, allows our Advocates to find solutions for homeowners with the most challenged credit, even when they have been denied by other services and lenders.
  • Refinance My Mortgage

    Bankruptcy, foreclosure, and unpaid bills can all create havoc on your credit and your ability to refinance. Our lenders are experienced in dealing with these issues and will give you an honest appraisal of your refinance options, and a program to help repair your credit.

  • Creative Financing Options

    Our Advocates know that there are some cases of damaged credit where ‘conventional’ financing will not work for a homeowner. That is why we have developed a network of ‘private’ lenders who provide a solution for homeowners that allows them to stay in their homes, work on repairing their credit and to later refinance conventionally.
The question is not whether or not we can help you, but of when you will reach out for help. Financial challenges happen to everyone, and they do not magically disappear by ignoring them. Take the first step to a real solution and contact us today.